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Myringoplasty is a surgical procedure to repair the condition of perforated eardrum or tympanic membrane. A hole in the eardrum is called perforated eardrum. The hole could be small or large. A small hole may heal by itself, however, a large hole may cause some level of hearing loss and may cause recurrent infections with discharge from the eardrum.

Myringoplasty is an out-patient surgery performed under general anesthesia and takes about 10 to 30 minutes. It is a simplest procedure that generally works well with relatively small perforations.

Myringoplasty Procedure

The diagnosis of a perforated eardrum is done with the help of an instrument called Auroscope. Myringoplasty is the process of grafting the hole with a small piece of special paper or gel foam that temporarily seals the hole. It encourages the body's normal healing processes. Grafting materials for myringoplasty include fat, gelfilm, gelfoam, AlloDerm, and cigarette paper. The procedure involves the following steps:

Pre-Operative Details:

Prior to the surgery, the infection should be controlled by using ototopical, oral or intravenous antibiotics and antifungal. The ear should be kept dry for several weeks to months, prior to considering the patient for surgery. Operating an infected ear is contraindicated.

Intra-Operative Details:

  • The child is anesthetized
  • Cut is made in the ear or above the ear opening. A tissue taken from under the skin in front of the ear is used as a graft to patch the eardrum. Internal ear dressing and a head bandage is done for few hours after the surgery.
  • Regular checkups are done until the child is relieved from the pain and completely awake.


Generally, minimum recovery time is four to five hours. Once the patient is awake from the anesthetic effect, he/she can start taking fluids and normal diet if it can be managed.

Often, anesthesia may leave the child feeling sick for 24 hours. The patient should be allowed rest, given small, amounts of fluids frequently. Dizziness is common for few hours after the surgery.


  • Maintaining personal hygiene, keeping away from wetting the area are a must until the dressing is removed in the follow-up visit.
  • Preventing the ear from getting wet and preventing the hard blowing of nose is recommended. Sneezing from the mouth will take off the pressure from the ears, or else the placed graft may become dislocated.
  • Avoiding exercise or gym for approximately 2-3 weeks after surgery is advised
  • Flying in an aeroplane is strictly not advised..
  • Refraining from commuting to work for a week is advised
  • Taking the prescribed medication as directed by your doctor is a must
  • Using of ear drops post-surgery as prescribed is a must.

Complications of Myringoplasty

There are some risks which an individual must be aware before going for surgery. Like every surgery has its own pros and cons, so does myringoplasty.

General complications include:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding, bruising
  • Infection of the surgical site (wound)
  • Unsightly scarring
  • Blood clots

Specific complications of the surgery includes:


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