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Robotics for Head and Neck Surgery

POSTED ON June 01, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

Throat tumours, especially those of the tonsils and base of the tongue, have become very common. These tumours require extensive, invasive surgeries that included removal or splitting of the lower jaw and a micro vascular...

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5 Best ENT Specialists in Hyderabad

POSTED ON May 01, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

While Hyderabad is blessed with several ENT specialists promoting ENT healthcare, here we list a few renowned ENT specialists who have contributed to this field immensely and have served the community for decades. These are ENT specialists who...

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Yoga for ENT Problems

POSTED ON April 16, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

Yoga, as we know is a 5,000 year old practice that unites the mind and body, a holistic practice for overall wellbeing of a person. It connects the mind and body through the various exercises such as breathing, meditation and body postures, while communicating with the Panch Maha Bhuthas (The Five...

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POSTED ON April 01, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

Over 5% of the world’s population has disabling hearing loss (432 million adults and 34 million children). It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people or one in every ten people will have disabling hearing loss. Deafness...

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Dry Sinuses What you can do

POSTED ON March 16, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

Chronic Sinusitis is one of the most common medical problems, that hit one in eight people in India. A type of sinus irritation that can lead to sinusitis is a dry sinus. Dry sinuses occur when the mucous membrane in your...

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Can Nasal Polyps Turn Cancerous?

POSTED ON March 01, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

Nose disorders range from a simple nosebleed, that can be treated at home, to more serious disorders such as nasal polyps (growths) or a deviated septum (a twist in the wall that separates the two sides of your nose), that...

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Natural Remedies for Tonsils

POSTED ON February 15, 2018 BY BSR Hospitals

Tonsils are a pair of lymph nodes located at the back of throat. They are part of lymphatic system and serves as body's first line defence system in children. The principle function of tonsils is to clear away the infection by trapping the microbes...

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